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My name is Jacek and with my friend  Steven we went for few days on a cycling trip.

The most important thing is that during this trip I discovered beautiful places in Ontario and this all because of Steven

Steven is a Canadian, Ontarian fellow and he knows his country.

 Without knowing Steven I would probably never had of discovered those bicycling  routes

We took a old railway trail  from Renfrew to road 509 and we stayed at Sharbot Lakes provincial park.
We biked 103 km that day.

Map on next page shows the route, which crossing following stations



beauty and adventure

Flower Sta
Snow Road Sta
Mississuppi Sta
Clarendon Sta
Sharbot lake prov park

if  you wish to enlarge please click on every picture .

I have to say that we were doing everything to avoid any motorised traffic.

The next day when we left Sharbot Lake as you see on the map we went south and again we took old railway trail and with the great panorama we were rolling to Silver Lake Prov Park.

It was relaxing day, before we head back and stop near Dalhousie Lake for a night.We enjoyed some beer and meal at nice restarurant there

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